Medium Trust and ASP.NET AJAX Beta 1.0

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Annoying development day with up-and-downgrading of my weblog. The System.Security exceptions I've been facing yesterday have pissed me off: there's no way to deploy the new AJAX library into the /bin folder of a Medium Trust Level web application. Luckily, it seems that Microsoft will bridge this gap...
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I had huge problems yesterday trying to upgrade my weblog to the ASP.NET AJAX Beta 1.0 version.
My ISP shared hosting configuration is set on a medium trust level, that's the pivot point of the problems of above!

ASP.NET AJAX Beta 1.0 has been conceived for being installed and centralized into the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) with its brand new strong name mark.
Positioning it into the hosted bin folder won't produce the desired effect (in a medium trust level scenario) - You'll get some pretty System.Security exceptions that, obviously, prevent your app from working properly.

I had upgraded and then downgraded again the online version, the only result: many hours offline. I was pissed off.

I've searched the forums for people with my same problem and we had a discussion here, even Scott "Guru" Guthrie partecipated to the reunion and promised an easier deployable version in a couple of week.

We'll see...

Take care. Bye.




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