Euler 300th Anniversary

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A tribute to an absolute genius in the history of humanity (and, of course, of mathematics). Leonhard Euler was born in Basel (Switzerland) on April 15th 1707.
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The past year has been signed by the celebrations of the 250 years since Mozart's birth, now 2007 can't be dissociated from a rounder figure and from one of my most favorite culture characters of all times:
on April 15th the great Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler (1707-1783) "turns" 300.

I couldn't stand from writing my personal apology about Euler, that's why I find myself handling him three months earlier the effective birthday!
He's about a belching volcano of genius, the most fertile mathematician of all times who wrote pages of pure history in sciences... not always strictly rigorous but surely incredibily intuitive, he's likely my favorite mathematician.

Just to bring you an example of his intuitive and daring genius: take a look a the revolutionary solution of the so-named Basel problem (~1736) which made crash an entire generation of Bernoullis!

Basel Problem

Happy birthday Euler!
Celebrations are obviously ready to start there in Basel: please refer to the official site

Leonhard Euler
warning! Another maths guy - well actually the "prince" of maths(!) - was born in an year ending with a 7: Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777)!
But 230 isn't "round" enough...

Take care. Bye.




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