Flash and ASP.Net 2.0 combined SlideShow

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A surely particular ASP.Net 2.0 WebControl: it exploits an embedded Adobe Flash swf to render a list of images (or other swf's), all by a standard MarkUp WebControl with intellisense enabled...
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...Fist child - draft - webcontrol for my last article's "Custom WebControl ASP.Net for Flash": an integrated SlideShow with cool transitions made using Adobe® Flash but exploited via ASP.Net 2.0!

I've just reused the Pacem.Web.UI.WebControls.Flash control in a more specific context, combined with an embedded swf (very-easy-deployable)!
I've also implemented an "ImageIndexChanged" client-side pseudo-event, so I can trigger the exact instant when a new image gets rendered with some javascript code...
I'll post some code as soon as this new webcontrol of mine will be fully completed ("pauca sed matura" as Gauss used to say).

For now just see it in action:

And take a look at the code used:

<script type="text/javascript">
    var strings = [
    "Corcagnano, Parma (ITA) - Summer 1978", 
    "Ravenna (ITA) - May 1986", 
    "Benidorm (ESP) - July 1999", 
    "Mayrhofen (AUT) - March 2005"];
    function setRelevantDescription(newIndex){
        document.getElementById("myDivDescription").innerHTML = strings[newIndex];
runat="server" ID="flSlideShow"
Width="570px" Height="250px" 
Duration="7.5" OnImageIndexChanged="setRelevantDescription" 
~/Public/Images/20070426_3.jpg" />
<div id="myDivDescription"></div>

Take care. Bye.


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    jvan Wednesday, February 04, 2009 0.00

    è possibile avere uno zip completo per favore




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