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Microsoft's project code-named Sandcastle permits to generate reference documentation for .Net libraries using reflection...
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I've recently been in the need of creating reference documentation about my C# 2.0 libraries (never did it before).
Googling around the web I've heard about NDoc, but this tool seems to be dead with the 1.1 version of the .Net Framework.
Just beacause I'm a lucky guy, it seems that Microsoft itself (right in this period - Summer 2007) is going to distribute its own tool which uses to build (reflecting the various elements packaged in a .Net assembly) its documentation.

The name of this project is Sandcastle.

It actually has NO Graphical Interface!... it just consists in a bunch of command line tools designed to accomplish various tasks, but the way they work and their goal is pretty straightforward: generating XML files that can be manipulated via standard (or custom) XSL stylesheets so that you get the desired reference's form.

As a useful link about how to use these tools, I'd point you here.

In the package that you can download from here (June 2007 CTP) you can also find all the icons, xsl files, css stylesheets, js scripts used for Visual Studio 2005 (hey, even the xml files related to every single Framework 2.0 assembly!).

I tried it for my Pacem.Drawing APIs and it is pretty useful, I rather know changing are occurring in xml rendering (which can anyway be prototyped using your own rendering xsl), so I'm now waiting for future - more structured - releases!

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