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Finally a brand new hosting service, fully customizable and boosted with the newest Microsoft technologies (.Net 3.0, Ajax...)
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ISP ...Change!!
Time was come to pass to an internet service provider which keeps the fast pace of these times.
I needed a server where I could test some .Net 3.0 stuff, well at least some of the ASP.Net Ajax feature (ASP.Net Futures), with ease and tranquillity.

My former ISP wasn't able to update its servers' software in order to assure the use of those technologies.
At first it was just frustrating...
The things got harder as they decided - without any previous warning - to force the trust policy in the shared hosting to medium. That was unbearable: too much care in using reflection, no way Ajax, and so on...

I must tell you something about this because it really turned me upset...

Right because I had to modify the code of my site to fit the new configuration, I asked the "staff" to provide some of their custom configuration aspects, so I could at least replicate the production environment and test the app.
«...for security matters (!) we can't provide what you're asking, read the forums...»

For all of you who had a similar courtesy and professional treatment, I would point you to this article of mine. I would even point the "staff" to it...

Now I get this brand new space and I'm pretty excited about it. I surely will post something about Silverlight and will use the newest technologies as soon as I can.

I'll let you know about it.

Take care. Bye.


  • Re: ISP Change

    Big Sunday, January 20, 2008 0.00

    Ciao cristian, ho provato a registrare un dominio presso l'isp che hai segnato nel tuo articolo ... sto riscontrando una piccola difficoltà in quanto avendo acquistato il dominio e ricevuta la mail di conferma con tutti i dati per l'accesso quando cerco di aprire risponde un server di invece di quello datomi da softsyshosting. Anche tu hai riscontrato questo problema??? Se si come lo hai risolto??? grazie in anticipo Il Big

  • Re: ISP Change

    CMerighi Monday, January 21, 2008 0.00

    Ciao "Big", purtroppo non riesco ad esserti utile in questo ambito: io mi sono limitato ad acquistare lo spazio ed a reindirizzare il puntamento del dominio da aruba sui nuovi nameservers. Ti consiglio comunque di rivolgerti direttamente al servizio assistenza: con me sono sempre stati responsivi ed hanno finora risolto dubbi e problemi.

  • Re: ISP Change

    Big Monday, January 21, 2008 5.00

    Grazie mille per il consiglio, ho subito provveduto ad aprire un ticket e come detto da te il supporto tecnico è eccellente. (il problema sembra sia di grazie ancora. (e grazie mille per le ottime dritte che c dai con i tuoi articoli). Il Big

  • Re: ISP Change

    CMerighi Tuesday, January 22, 2008 0.00

    ...Molto (troppo) gentile ;)




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