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Here I describe some of the technical and utilization aspects of this new version of my firm's website...
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I'm publishing the new version of my website (4th version), I've also changed ISP in order to be (quite) sure that my hosting space will be constantly upgraded with the newest technologies.

I just would like to introduce it and to describe some navigation features of it.

screenshot 1
  1. Resizable Flash zone: a portion of the layout where to put teasers and visual impactful content;
  2. HTML content zone: where the content of each page takes place;
  3. Flash scroller: this is the most original thing in my layout and that's what I'm going to talk about in a deeper manner;

The Flash scroller is a layout utility which saves place and exposes in a gaze the whole content of the page:
you'll see a draggable bar (enhanced with play/pause toggle button) and a row of thumbnails.
With intervals of about 10 seconds you'll see the HTML area crossfading from a content to another as the draggable bar will approach to another thumbnail.
Well, nothing complicate nor strange...
You can obviously take control of this "storyboard" by using the draggable bar itself:

screenshot 2
  1. Play/Pause toggle button: you can pause the slideshow on a precise content;
  2. Drag-bar: you can drag the bar next to your thumbnail of interest, the content will change as soon as you release the mouse button;
  3. Pager button: the page content might be paged (there are more than 9 elements to scroll);

How was it done? the technologies used are:

  • Adobe Flash, Actionscript and ExternalInterface API;
    (I've been trying hard to provide a Silverlight 1.0 version of this scoller, but - due to its notable poorness compared to Flash - I decided wait for final 1.1 and kept flash)
  • ASP.Net Ajax 1.0 + ASP.Net Futures July 2007
  • My ClientAsyncPostBackTrigger for ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanels ;)
  • My ASP.NET AJAX Flash control ;)

Take care. Bye.


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    mARCO Friday, November 16, 2007 5.00

    Ciao molto interessante, ti volevo chiedere se potevi darmi una mano in ajax per fare un'applicazione grazie




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