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I've pushed the capabilities of html5 to empower the navigation of my web log.
This article is obsolete. Some functionalities might not work anymore. Comments are disabled.
As usual, as soon as a new technology rises onto the scene I tend to accumulate experience on it by rewriting some parts of my blog.

It happened as I wrote my Silverlight 2 3D engine about 3 years ago. Now I've decided to translate the characteristics of my actual blog (3D objects, RIA-style navigation...) using javascript (on top of jQuery and Ajax 4) and the graphics capabilities of an Html5 canvas.

As soon as I'll be back from my vacations (I'm about to take my flight towards Sicily right now), I'll write some articles relevant to 3D engines written on top of the 2D Html5 canvas and jQuery plugins which also exploit these new drawing capabilities.

Take care. Bye.

(This version has to be considered an "alpha" one, might not be bullet-proof in terms of bug-freedom)



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