• SQL 2005 and Compiled CLR Procedures

    Cristian Merighi (Thursday, December 14, 2006)

    Wit hthis article I intend to list the steps to follow in order to exploit the new SQL Server 2005 features and executing compiled procedures, written in C# or VB.Net, directly from the DataBase Server.

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  • Automatic CRUD Procedures using Reflection

    Cristian Merighi (Tuesday, November 28, 2006)

    This stub shows a solution of mine, designed to limit the number of code lines used to transfer informations (data) through the various tiers of an object oriented application.

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  • Populate Business Logic Classes with Reflection

    Cristian Merighi (Saturday, November 18, 2006)

    How to avoid the ugly, tedious, hard-coded lines written for building up our BLL classes from the usual DataRows? ...using Reflection!

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  • Ladies and Gentlemen .Net 3.0!

    Cristian Merighi (Tuesday, November 07, 2006)

    The new version of the .Net Framework has just been released...

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  • Retrieve Master Page Resources from a UserControl

    Cristian Merighi (Sunday, November 05, 2006)

    Quick howto. Retrieving Master page exposed resources from either nested Page or ASCX User Control.

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