• Seadragon UniformToFill Resize

    Cristian Merighi (Monday, November 28, 2011)

    How to get a perfectly-fitting cropped composition using Seadragon's ajax API's and listening to layout changes.

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  • Silverlight DataForm DataField vs PasswordBox

    Cristian Merighi (Saturday, October 1, 2011)

    Get rid of the improperly autogenerated TextBox DataField when you need a PasswordBox instead.

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  • RIAServices.jQuery for pure HTML Rich Internet Apps

    Cristian Merighi (Sunday, August 28, 2011)

    Using RIA/JS for pure HTML+Javascript MVVM business applications.

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  • WCF DataServices in Windows Phone 7

    Cristian Merighi (Wednesday, August 24, 2011)

    Sample code about how to manage a DataContext the asynchronous way.

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  • Video Reportage Sicily 2011

    Cristian Merighi (Saturday, August 20, 2011)

    Some video from my YouTube channel picturing sweet holidays moments.

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