• JQuery Rating HTML5 Plugin

    Cristian Merighi (Friday, August 19, 2011)

    Sample jQuery plugin which also exploits HTML5 canvas drawing capabilities.

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  • Html5 Powered Blog

    Cristian Merighi (Saturday, July 30, 2011)

    I've pushed the capabilities of html5 to empower the navigation of my web log.

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  • WCF DataServices and Total Number of Rows

    Cristian Merighi (Thursday, November 25, 2010)

    OData protocol and ASP.NET Ajax 4 tools: how to use them in order to retrieve, along with a subset of rows, the total row number of elements stored in database.

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  • Regular N-Gon Control for Silveright 3

    Cristian Merighi (Friday, December 25, 2009)

    Live demo and source code for a custom Silverlight control that renders regular n-gons (convex and star shaped).

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  • AjaxControlToolkit ClientSide vs ScriptReferences

    Cristian Merighi (Thursday, November 5, 2009)

    How to properly reference the necessary scripts in order to use the AjaxControlToolkit components in a pure client-side (javascript) fashion?

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