• Nina Senicar, party

    Cristian Merighi (Sunday, October 11, 2009)

    Glam party together with Nina to cheer her new website.

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  • AutoCompleteExtender and ASP.NET Dynamic Data

    Cristian Merighi (Sunday, October 4, 2009)

    Extend the base FieldTemplateUserControl that handles string properties by adding suggest functionality. Provided example targets an Entity Framework-based website.

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  • Silverlight and F# happily ever after

    Cristian Merighi (Wednesday, July 1, 2009)

    New Visual Studio templates are available: embedding F# libraries into a Silverlight application is now super-easy!

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  • Parametric Shader Effect in Silverlight 3 Beta1

    Cristian Merighi (Sunday, June 21, 2009)

    Sample Trackball Behavior gets enriched by a PixelShader (new in Silverlight 3) that modifies the aspect of the rotating UIElement based on incidence and intensity of a virtual directional light.

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  • Silverlight 3 Beta TrackballBehavior

    Cristian Merighi (Tuesday, May 19, 2009)

    Combine PlaneProjection and Blend 3 Behaviors to interactively rotate an UIElement the 3D way in Silverlight 3 Beta.

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