• Hue Rotation with F# and GDI+

    Cristian Merighi (Monday, March 30, 2009)

    First article in F#. Topic, useful and pretextuous at the same time, is how to hue rotate an image using GDI+ libraries.

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  • UrlRewrite vs ASP.Net 3.5 DataPager

    Cristian Merighi (Saturday, December 6, 2008)

    The Fields of the new ASP.Net 3.5 WebControl seem not to deal with UrlRewritten URLs. Here's a possible solution.

    comments: 7 - rating: 5.00 5.00

  • My new Silverlight Blog

    Cristian Merighi (Sunday, November 23, 2008)

    Visible and browsable on Other used technologies: WCF, AJAX, Linq.

    comments: 17 - rating: 4.44 4.44

  • Triangle Texturing, Theory and Silverlight App

    Cristian Merighi (Saturday, June 28, 2008)

    Theoretical solution and practical (demonstrative) Silverlight application for the problem of UV mapping (texture coordinates mapping), tipical of a 3D engine.

    comments: 5 - rating: 4.60 4.60

  • Silverlight 3D engine

    Cristian Merighi (Saturday, May 24, 2008)

    Stub for a real-time software rendering 3D engine in Silverlight 2. Still waiting for new features and capabilities like those exposed by the new born "Astro" Flash Player 10.

    comments: 22 - rating: 4.73 4.73




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